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Although the main features of home savings are the same, there are offers that are more favorable in some respects or offer some sort of promotion. With our Home Savings Fund calculator, we show you how much you can get for a home with a savings of $ 20,000 a month in about 4 years. We will also look into the potential of home savings to save on the contract, even at the time of opening an account.

Thanks to the 30 percent (up to HUF 72,000) state subsidy per annum, housing savings savings are among the high risk, virtually risk-free savings. The saving period is 4 to 10 years. The account opening fee is usually 1 percent of the contract amount. The account management fee is HUF 150 per month. The amount paid is subject to a fixed deposit interest free of interest. During or at the end of the savings period, you can apply for a favorable forint loan with a fixed interest rate and repayment installments in addition to the savings.

How much money can we spend on housing for 4 years?


The state subsidy can be fully utilized with a monthly saving of HUF 20,000. Although we can apply for state support for only one contract at a time, there can be several contracts in the family. So if we could set aside more than $ 50 a month, we could open LTP for our spouse and children, for example, then we could get the state credit after several contracts and then use the money for a common purpose.

When preparing our table, we calculated a savings of HUF 20,000 pieces per month and the shortest possible maturity of 4 years. It is important to know that the contractual amount consists of our savings (self-payment + deposit interest + government subsidy) and available home loan. It is worth looking at other parameters besides the contract amount when deciding which home saving design to choose.

How can we minimize the account opening fee?

How can we minimize the account opening fee?

It is especially worth looking into whether there is a free account opening deal on any of the home savings. You should take advantage of this, as releasing the account opening fee will save us tens of thousands of forints. Let’s look at which constructions we can use this discount partially or fully!

In case of Start 4 mode, you do not have to pay the account opening fee even if you enter the OTP Health Fund as a new member and make a one-time payment of at least HUF 24,000 to our health fund account.

If you want to save a home savings fund not only on our own behalf

If you want to save a home savings fund not only on our own behalf

But for the benefit of the beneficiary (s), by applying for an online coupon we can sign our second contract with a $ 0 account opening fee, but only if our first contract is.

We can use the coupon not only for the second contract, but also for more but up to 6 contracts (this includes the first account opening fee agreement). Another requirement is to apply for a loyalty obligation and sms service and to present the coupon code you received when signing the contract. The online coupon can be claimed until September 30, 2016 and can be redeemed by October 7, 2016 at the latest.